Cameron Alan Pritchett
Owner and Operations Manager

Cameron Pritchett holds Texas Driller's and Pump Installer License Number 59520 WKLP. Mr. Pritchett has worked side by side with previous owner and father, Jere Alan Pritchett for over twenty years. His devout sense of leadership and family pride sets Palestine Drilling and Services far above its other competitors. Mr. Pritchetts extensive professional experiences range from small residential wells to major city municiplaities in both drilling and service work. Palestine Drilling and Services is a full service company specializing in drilling oil/gas and water wells. Our professional service crews install the pumps and motors, in addition to workover rigs that can perform any type of downhole task. These include squeeze jobs, packers, bridge plugs, retainers, fishing tools, power swivels, working tanks and rig pumps

The current supplier of workers compensation insurance is Texa Mutual Ins. AIG acts asour bonding safety and liability insurance carrier.